A Course Book on Morphology


Dr. Sutarman, M.Pd

Dr. Zainudin Abdussamad, M.Hum

Layout & Desain Sampul

Muhammad Zul Amri Izzudin, M.Sc


v + 78 hlm, Uk: 18 x 24 cm




This book on morphology provides a comprehensive overview of the study of word structure and formation. It is designed to provide students with an understanding of how words are formed, their meaning, and how they function in language. The module will cover topics such as morphemes, affixation processes, inflectional paradigms and derivational rules. Students will learn about the principles underlying morphological analysis through hands-on exercises that apply these concepts to real world examples.

The course begins by introducing basic terminology used in morphology such as morpheme types (free vs bound), grammatical categories (nouns vs verbs) and syntactic functions (subjects vs objects). After this introduction, students move onto more specific topics related to word structure like affixation processes which involve adding prefixes or suffixes to change the meaning or form of a base word; inflectional paradigms which are sets of forms within one category that share similar features; derivational rules which create new words from existing ones; compounding where two nouns combine into one unit each retaining its own identity while forming something new together; conversion where parts-of-speech can be changed without any additional changes being made etymologies tracing back origins behind particular forms etc.

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